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Exploraudio Range

Exploraudio designs and builds products to simplify and/or improve the capture and reproduction of music [...]

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Live performance

move with the music

There are as many techniques for creating the perfect sound on stage as there are performers and technicians [...]

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Studio Recording

lock onto perfect tone

Despite the relatively controlled (and controllable) environment of the recording studio, capturing just the right sound [...]

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About Us

The process of capturing a performance, whether live or in the studio, imposes compromises on the musician or their instrument. Exploraudio’s aim is to simplify the process of capturing and/or reproducing the performance to allow maximum freedom of expression.

The Exploraudio philosophy is to offer musicians the best possible choice of techniques for stage or studio sound. Whether making existing techniques easier or inventing new ones, the prime objective is to make the technology as transparent as possible, ideally imperceptible.

Blending art and technology can be spectacularly creative or cripplingly frustrating. We certainly don’t have all the answers, nor a monopoly on good ideas but at Exploraudio we strive to give musicians and technicians better options. and hopefully even help them to work better together whether they make the perfect couple or are merely thrown together by circumstances.

Exploraudio is dogmatic only about the pursuit of excellence (the absence of compromise). Our products are leading edge but are not exclusively either high tech or traditional, we select the best materials and methods for the requirement,

blending old and new as necessary to achieve the optimum technical solutions. However diverse the solutions may be, they are all the product of imagination, combined with intensive design, development and/or rigorous evaluation.

All Exploraudio products also share three key principles:

  • Functionality – they do the best job possible in the best possible way
  • Reliability – they keep on doing it for a very long time
  • Style – they look great and are a pleasure to use

The Exploraudio philosophy on customer service is equally uncompromising. Traditional values of responsiveness and helpfulness and a real commitment to making customers happy are at the core of our business.

Exploraudio is an Explora Ltd company, registered in the UK no. 4160563

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