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Discontinued Products

BlueAir Wireless Monitor Adaptor (Discontinued)

This product was withdrawn from sale in November 2013.

The product will continue to be supported fully for 12 months and the user manual will remain available for viewing and download in our Support pages (Support page).


Turns any Bluetooth earpiece (for mobile phones) into a wireless in-ear instrument monitor to augment the monitoring of acoustic instruments on stage. It can also be set up as an intercom with the mixing desk operator or control room.

Augmentation of acoustic instrument monitoring is achieved by feeding the instrument mic or pickup's signal directly to the player's ear. In the kind of crowded soundstage typical of many bands (particularly multi-instrument and mixed acoustic / electric) the volume of monitor speakers on stage for acoustic instruments is often limited by the danger of feedback. Wearing a Bluetooth earpiece for monitoring allows the instrument's sound to be boosted in one ear, without also overpowering the overall and/or monitored sound of the whole band or vocals.

The volume of the dedicated instrument monitoring in the earpiece can be regulated using the earpiece's own volume controls, allowing the player to set the balance to their own personal preference without affecting the monitoring of vocals or other band members.

The BlueAir Wireless Monitor Adaptor is simply plugged into the guitar (or other instrument) amp's line out (or the monitoring line for the instrument's channel on a mixing desk), using the jack adaptors included in the package.

The adaptor can also be used to turn a Bluetooth earpiece into a wireless mic or Karaoke headset (with combined mic and monitor), though not for professional appications.

This product is supplied without a paper copy of the manual. The manual is sent as a pdf file attachment to the despatch confirmation e-mail and can also be downloaded from our Support page